Driftwood Theatre presents Play in a Pub: William Shakespeare’s A Christmas

10 December 2022 @ 7:30 PM
Old Church Theatre
940 Bonisteel Rd. Trenton ON
Driftwood Theatre presents Play in a Pub: William Shakespeare's A Christmas @ Old Church Theatre


What the Dickens?! For the first time ever, Driftwood Theatre brings their holiday Play in a Pub series to The Old Church Theatre with a Christmas classic of Shakespearian proportions. William Shakespeare’s A Christmas Carol will be performed December 10, 2022. With appearances by characters from Shakespeare’s most popular plays, this version of A Christmas Carol is an inventive, hilarious, and touching holiday story for the whole family, inspired by the combined genius of Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare.
When miserly theatre owner Ebenezer Scrooge puts the ‘humbug’ in Christmas, he’s transported on a redemptive journey to save his very soul. Haunted by the spirits of Christmas past (Puck), present (Falstaff) and future (Hamlet’s dad), Scrooge learns to appreciate the true spirit of the holiday season as only Shakespeare can imagine. 
Carrying on Driftwood’s fine tradition of informal readings of plays over a pint, William Shakespeare’s A Christmas Carol is a jolly, interactive holiday mash-up as audience members join Driftwood Theatre’s professional performers in reading, singing, and celebrating a holiday masterpiece.
Get in on the action. At Play in a Pub audience participation is the name of the game. Audience members take the stage in a variety of walk-on roles (including Tiny Tim, Mercutio and Martha Cratchit) by bidding on the Bah the Bah Humbug Live Auction. And you can bet there’ll be some participatory Christmas caroling along the way.
William Shakespeare’s A Christmas Carol comes from the creative mind of Ian Doescher, author of the equally mind-blowing William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series, William Shakespeare’s Get Thee Back to the Future and William Shakespeare’s Avengers The Complete Works
Driftwood Theatre is Ontario’s leading outdoor, summer theatre company, on the road with its award-winning Bard’s Bus Tour for over 25 years, reaching over 46 communities and 100,000 people across Ontario. We believe in good people sharing great stories. Driftwood Theatre is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council. Play in a Pub is a FUN-raising event in support of Driftwood Theatre’s annual summer Bard’s Bus Tour.

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