Old Church Theatre

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 We have wood fired pizzas available at the Old Church Theatre when the patio is open for the summer season!  Whilst sipping your favourite  craft brew or glass of wine at the Old Church patio, take a minute to regard your surroundings. In the shade of the 148 year old church building you can view the fields to the south. If the corn isn’t too high you may catch a glimpse of a family of wild turkeys meandering by.  You won’t be disturbed by too much traffic on the road: the loudest vehicle passing by will likely be a tractor. Beyond the church yard to the  is nothing but green tree cover and beautiful sunsets. What better setting to enjoy a country pub’s wood fired pizza on a summer evening with great live entertainment. 

wood fired pizzaCome “build” your favourite pizza with the usual selection of toppings or try one of our signature pizzas.

Our German style Flammkuchen has already become a favourite with bacon and onions layers over a crème fraîche base.

If you’ve been the the east coast of Canada you might be familiar with their famous Donair pizzas. Well you can now get them at the Old Church!