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Rural churches built in the mid and late 19th century provided much more to their participants than a place of worship. In an age that preceded computers, video, television and radio, the country church was the social hub of a rural community. All manner of neighbours mixed for social events, meetings, agricultural club activities, and of course Christenings, weddings and funerals. The local church was the greatest ally in the struggle against social isolation.

Today, isolation is just a tempting option fuelled by often illusory ‘communication’ choices such as net surfing, TV, texting, gaming and twitter. Attending a community event is something that technical innovation has allowed people to easily avoid. Our parents and grandparents were hungry for such contact. Such is the challenge to the existence of the remaining rural churches that dot the windswept hills of our Southern Ontario landscapes.

We’re rising to the challenge. Our old church, extensively renovated in 1996 still provides opportunities for community involvement through theatre, movies, presentations, workshops, concerts and classes. We hope to continue to bring alternative entertainment and education with a focus on environmental self-sufficiency and sustainability. Therein lays our traditional link to the past. Far from being irrelevant, our church venue is providing the community connection to country dwellers far and wide and in so doing is reinforcing the social fabric of rural life.


1917 Name Quilt

We are fortunate to have come by a unique quilt created for the war effort. The World War l effort. The quilt’s centre square reads “Acme Branch, 1917”. The remainder of the squares contain almost 600 names, all hand stitched in red thread for which a donation, usually 10¢, was contributed for the cause. We believe that ‘Acme Branch’ refers to our own local branch of the Women’s Institute based at our old Acme Cheese Factory. The names are a fantastic record of some of the rural population here in the Johnstown and surrounding community. Some of our senior patrons have marvelled that the names appear to jump into their memory because they haven’t been recalled in so long. But they’re not all locals. One name on the quilt is ‘Sir Wilfred Laurier’.

One of our newest volunteers, Karen Salley, helped to create the list you see here. If you see a name that is a relative, tweaks your memory, or even if you know more about the origins of name quilts, please contact us. We would love to get a more complete picture of this terrific artifact.

Mrs. L. Ketcheson
Mrs. F. Mallory
Mrs. Alice Best
Helena Miller
Chas. Dakin
Mrs. Edwin Ketcheson
Mrs. George Finkle
Grace McBrough
Wallace Best
Mrs. T. Miller
Mrs. W. Ibey
Mrs. G. Wessels
Mrs. G. E. Sine
Mrs. M. Hoyle
Mr. A. Ford
Mr. R. Rush
Mrs. F. Spencer
Mrs. A. Ford
Mrs. A. Parry
Mrs. A. Munn
Mr. Chas Wickens
Mr. Richard Reynolds
Mrs. J. Lawrence
Mrs. J. Kellar
Mr. Harry Moran
Mr. Herb Smith
Mr. W. E. Windover
Mrs. Major Fraser
Mr. Lorne Hubble
Mr. Marshall Smith
Amelia MacLachlan
W. MacLachlan
Luella Palmer
Ruth Riley
Mrs. D. Janners
Mr. D. Janners
Mr. Tom Pimblott
Benny Palmer
Mrs. D. Van Allen
Dulcie Belgrave
Mr. T. Hinds
Mrs. F. Preston
Mr. F. Corey
Mr. F. Kellar
Mr. J. Benson
Mr. D. Vandervoort
Mr. F. Bruyea
Mrs. D. Frost
Mr. Bruyea
Mr. O. Huffman
Mr. Burt Bush
Mrs. L. Dafoe
Miss L. Caldwell
Miss E. Bush
Mr. Earl Bell
Mr. Wm. Bell
Mrs. H.  Young
Mrs. C. Herman
Mr. C. Herman
Mr. W. Weese
Mr. J. Barkley
Mr. T. Cronkright
Mr. F. Windover
Mr. D. Powell
Dr. J. U. Simmons
Mr. G. Frost
Mr. J. Johnson
Mr. B. Moran
Mr. A. Simmons
Mr. G. Spencer
Mr. D. E. Coon
Evelyn Chapman
Mrs. D. E. Coon
Rev. W. Chapman
Eva Coon (in memory of Grandma Coon)
W. T. Coon
Raymond Chapman
Mrs. Chas. Dakin
Laura Chapman
Muriel Bush
Olive Bush
Arthur Bush
Ernest Bush
Mary E. Vandervoort
Mrs. A. Bush
Robert Bush
Wm. Walt
Mrs. Wm. Bush
Mr. Wm. Bush
Mrs. E. A. Orr
Bruce Orr
Earl Orr
Curt Orr
Mr. B. B. Orr
Mrs. B. B. Orr
Kent Orr
Carl Orr
Vann Orr
Gladys Orr
Mrs. C. Ireland
Mrs. J. Ferguson
Mrs. E. Patrick
Mrs. F. Ireland
Mrs. Kerr
Mrs. E. Orr
Isabel Turnecliff
Ida Redick
Eunice Riley
Major Miller
Miss Lola Morgan
Miss Myrtle Walt
Arthur Mattis
Earl Brooks
Kathleen St. Hilaire
Helen Davis
Emma H. Rutter
Basil Brooks
Minnie McCambridge
Annie McCambridge
Mrs. C. Turnecliff
Mr. C. Turnecliff
Mrs. A. P. Sutton
Mr. A. P. Sutton
Geo. A. Riley
Wm. Turnecliff
Mrs. L. C. Van Allen
Bessie Turnecliff
Mrs. P. Goldstein
Mrs. V. Orr
Mrs. M. Bininger
Mrs. Ed Stimers
Kathleen Stickle
Mrs. S. Jenners
Mrs. L. Wilkes
Mr. L. Wilkes
Mrs. A. A. Stickle
Mrs. H. McRae
Gwendolyn Wilkes
Patricia Wilkes
Nina Asselstine
Mrs. D. Ketcheson
Clara Chard
John Chard
Wm. Moynes
Arthur Ferguson
Frank Carr
Frank McNab
Leonard Patrick
David Fraser
H. J. Gay
Mabel Gay
Maggie Gay
Mary J. Gay
James Gay
Mrs. J. Gay
R. B. Gay
Lillian Gay
Helen Gay
J. F. McMechan
Joe Simpson
Stella Simpson
Nellie Simpson
Emma Rutter
Fred Meyers
Mowat Walt
Mrs. D. J. Whaley
Mrs. D. Minaker
Mrs. N. Hartt
Mrs. W. Adams
Norma Orr
Albert Van Allen
Dorothy Peterson
Gladys Ellis
Bessie Brooks
Doris Brooks
Edna Lougheed
Grace Lougheed
Norma Collar
Verna Peterson
W. S. Westfall
Mrs. W. Westfall
S. H. Meyers
Mrs. S. Meyers
E. O. Stickle
C. Westfall
E. Harry
Mrs. Lougheed
Mr. F. Meyers
Earl Stickle
Helen Jones
Maude Munn
Mrs. H. Acker
Mr. H. Acker
Mrs. W. Purdy
Wilhelema Morrison
Mr. F. Brooks
Mrs. F. Brooks
Mr. D. Munn
Mr. Ross Lott
C. Rightman
Will Clarke
C. Merrill
W. Pollard
Rev. R. M. Patterson
H. Perry
Mrs. R. McMurter
Roy Brown
P. Osterout
A. Osterout
Mrs. J. Bleeker
Doris Hogle
Mrs. W. Turner
Mr. W. Bush
Mrs. A. S. Huffman
Mrs. G. Pollard
Mr. S. W. Meyers
Mr. E. Bush
Mrs. F. Carr
Mrs. H. Potter
Mrs. C. Garrison
L. George
N. Lawrence
R. Nicholson
C. P. Rose
B. O’Ray
Earl Sine
C. Applebee
E. Burkitt
H. Carr
Miss I. Bradly
Mr. J. McCambridge
Mr. H. Post
Mr. A. Patrick
Mr. Dennis Carr
Miss A. Carr
Mr. P. Shaw
Mr. O. Rightman
Mr. A. Beatty
Mr. G. Sharpe
Arley White
Jean White
Jimmy Munn
John White
Bart Westfall
Miss J. Reddick
Mr. W. Bush
B. Jones
A. Westfall
L. Westfall
Evelyn Hogle
Albert Jones
Mr. A. Hogle
Helen Stickle
Mildred Stickle
Mr. F. Palmer
Mr. H. Leonard
Mr. K. Fall
Dr. J. Rice
Clayton Stickle
Ethyl Stickle
Kenneth Stickle
Morris Stickle
J. B. Stickle
Mrs. J. B. Stickle
Glenn Stickle
E. O. Stickle
Arnold Stickle
Annie Stickle
Mrs. E. Guiles
Mrs. G. Gainsforth
Mr. W. Gainsforth
Bella Bleeker
Mrs. M. Regan
Mrs. H. Murray
Miss R. Edwards
Miss L. Hogle
Harry Bleeker
Miss E. Fraser
Mr. W. Ketcheson
Mr. B. Casement
Mr. Hubble
Mr. Harrington
Rev. J. D. P. Knox
Miss M. Rogers
Mr. E. Bonisteel
Mr. S. Hubble
Mr. S. Nicholson
Mr. S. Badgley
Ira Harry
Marion Jones
Arthur Bush
J. White
Mrs. W. S. Westfall
W. S. Westfall
Eva Gamble
J. Doige
Pauline Drinkwalter
I. B. Digby
Mrs. C. Collar
Mrs. J. L. Collar
Mrs. J. Westfall
Mr. A. Bowler
Mrs. H. Bowler
Vera Sweet
Lillie Cook
Mrs. S. Peterson
Mrs. A. Rupert
Mrs. J. Elliot
Mrs. S. Meyers
Mr. J. Little
Mr. F. Mallory
Mr. D. Coon
Mr. J. Rose
Mr. W. Simmons
Mr. E. Harry
Jack Stevens
Wm. Kerr
Mrs. Purnecliff
Mrs. Sweet
S. H. Meyers
Mrs. Meyers
B. Spafford
Mrs. B. Stafford
Fred Meyers
J. Thompson
Iva Harry
Jas. A. Harry
Cecil Harry
Elleen Harry
Harleigh Hamilton
Mrs. E. A. Harry
Wm. S. Harry
John McPherson
Will Jeffrey
Charles Aikens
Ernest Burkitt
J. F. Burkitt
Katie Burkitt
Arthur Burkitt
Mr. Leo Burkitt
Mrs. Leo Burkitt
G. B. Burkitt
J. M. Burkitt
Alice Mannly
Margaret Bush
Helen E. Mallory
Eva Coon
Maurice Mallory
Raymond Mallory
F. R. Mallory
Mrs. F. R. Mallory
Mrs. C. Sine
Lottie Gross
Mrs. T. Ketcheson
Mrs. Spear
Eva Rose
Helen Rose
Alta Rose
Gerald Rose
D. I. Rose
J. E. Anderson
Mrs. D. I. Rose
Mrs. Southard
Dr. J. W. Rice
Luella Maybee
Miss R. Edwards
Miss E. Fraser
Mr. A. Parish
Mr. G. Little
Mr. L. Ketcheson
Mr. A. Munn
Mr. M. Foster
Miss O. Moynes
Mr. M. O’Malley
Mr. G. Rogers
Gladys Curry
Rev. G. Ross
Mrs. Hazelton
Mrs. Carr
Ella Brooks
Roy White
H. Combs
A. Combs
L. Norros (?)
Mrs. Pelky
Mr. J. Reid
Mr. G. Rose
Miss M. Higgins
Miss T. Higgins
Mr. P. Moyle
Mr. J. McLaren
Mr. A. McAllister
Mr. K. McDonald
Mr. M. Seward
Mr. G. Seward
Garnet Grills
J. W. Hess
Richard Eggleton
Helen Hess
Mabel McPherson
Aletha Westfall
J. Carl Harry
Mrs. Lougheed
Annie Henderson
Mrs. Latta
Margaret McArthur
Mary McArthur
Hugh McArthur
Mrs. H. McArthur
Emma McArthur
Kathleen Rolfe
Mrs. G. A. Ketcheson
C. Powell
Will Rolfe
Mrs. W. Rolfe
Louise Wright
Helen Welbourn
Wilmot Welbourn
Jack Welbourn
Mrs. A. Gross (Grass?)
Mrs. J. Philips
Mrs. H. Ketcheson
Harry Bush
Mrs. W. E. Welbourn
Mr. W. E. Welbourn
Mrs. J. Mulvihill
Alvira Mulvihill
Lena Mulvihill
Marguerite Mulvihill
Mr. J. Hadley
Mr. John Casement
Mary Mulvihill
Mrs. Wm. Patrick
Mrs. Blake Ketcheson
Mrs. Martin Smith
Mr. Ed Farr
Mrs. C. Patrick
Mr. H. Foster
Mr. D. Lalonde
Mr. M. Applebee
Mr. B. Harrison
Mrs. V. Malone
Mr. F. R. Mallory
Mr. G. E. Sine
Mrs. E. Rogers
Mary White
Grace Westfall
H. St. Hilaire
Jack Little
Marjorie Latta
Irene Russell
Frank Westfall
Harold Stickle
Nina Stickle
Gladys Westfall
Jacob Thompson
Mr. Burrows
Mr. Reynolds
Byron Harder
Mrs. W. Morrison
Douglas Harder
W. S. Harder
W. S. Harry
Mrs. Reynolds
Mrs. Burrows
S. J. Jenners
W. Hyde
Mrs. E. Carr
Mrs. F. Patrick
Mr. J. B. Stickle
Mrs. J. Megginson
Grace Westfall
Mrs. Vann Orr
Roy Westfall
Urvin Turnecliff
Mrs. G. A. Bonesteel
Mrs. W. J. Sharpe
Mrs. N. A. Bonisteel
Charles Bonisteel
P. E. Bonisteel
Vera Bonisteel
Mr. C. J. Massey
Mrs. C. J. Massey
Sig. C. L. Massey
Kenneth Massey
Mr. Guiles
Mr. Wm. Bush
Mr. Ross Turley
Mr. W. Latta
Mrs. D. Windover
Miss G. Clark
Mrs. O. Hough
Mr. J. Ford
Mr. Ray Turley
Mr. W. Carter
Edith Bell
Grace Ford
Mrs. Harry Bush
Kate McCauley
Anna Nelson
Effie Spencer
Jessie Smith
Cecil Welbourne
Lela Meyers
Lenna Perry
Eva Stickle
Edna Mikel
P. W. Mikel
Mr. A. Bailey
Mrs. G. C. Stickle
Mr. G. C. Stickle
Mrs. Blakely
A. Blakely
Mr. C. Weaver
Dr. J. Rice
Mary St. Hilaire
Hugh St. Hilaire
Luella Palmer
Kenneth Palmer
Sir W. Laurier
Hon. Borden
Henry Stickle
Sim Rombough
Jack Simmons
Don Simmons
Mr. Wilbur Coon
Mr. Morley Davidson
Mr. W. McColl
Mr. Laurie Casement
Mr. Ezra Mott
Mr. Bert Mott
Miss Edna Ketcheson
Mr. Jim Smith
Mr. Jack Simmons
Mr. Harry Potter
Mr. J. White
Edna Reid
Mrs. W. Potts
Barton Westfall
Mrs. H. Hess
Miss Knox
Mrs. S. Ketcheson
Blanche Barr
Victoria Hess
Mrs. Russell
Mr. A. Cowen
Mr. P. Sine
Mr. C. Hendrick
Mr. W. Weston
Mrs. C. Fox
Mrs. Rombeau
Mr. G. Bowman
Mr. E. Nicholson
Mr. N. Potter
Mr. E. Ketcheson