Old Church Theatre

Storytelling Workshop

Steafan Hannigan is an experienced storyteller from Ireland, now living in Canada. He offers an interesting workshop in storytelling to develop your story. If you’ve never told a story before or if you’re just interested in the processes of building or refining your stories, then this workshop is for you.

This workshop will be help from 3-5pm, followed by our usual presentation of Friday Night Tales.

We’re on the patio and practicing all social distancing, mask and safety protocols. Be sure to register.  



Washboard Hank & Reverend Ken – On the Patio

Heat the Tar & Pluck the Hen…it’s Washboard Hank & Reverend Ken!


Almost 40 years ago, Hank Fisher and Ken Ramsden, two pathologically creative Peterborough residents, produced a remarkable musical coupling from which staid North American music lovers who saw them are still reeling. The result was performance art which incorporated everything from classical music to bluegrass gospel street preaching, in a spontaneous, antic conflagration best viewed through welder’s goggles. Their interactions generated a kind of whimsically-comic, high colonic, and anyone who saw these shows was forever changed…
The Brunswick House, which regularly featured Washboard Hank, Reverend Ken and The Lost Followers’ Band from the Church of the Open Bottle, saw…appliance healings….student essay and exam blessings… Oktoberfests on roller skates….and even “Male Bum Cleavage Contests.”

We will be on our patio, outside in the fresh air and socially distanced. Advance tickets are required.We open at 5pm for the bar and your wood fired pizza order. Show starts at 6pm.

Get Tickets – Let us know how many will be at your table.

Hank and Ken toured all over North America, in true Rabelaisian fashion, by whatever means were available, putting on ‘Gospel Gumbo’ street shows from Vancouver to Calgary to Edmonton….from Nashville to Memphis… and from Oregon to San Francisco. Their stage names sometimes varied depending on the proximity of various law enforcement agents, high grade medicinal spirits and quality pharmaceuticals, and thus, among other less complementary terms, they were also known as “The Duke of Washboardom” and “The Parson of Panhandledom.” In many ways, they were to the folk idiom what Gonzo was to traditional reporting. Here are some recent live footage:


Ian Tamblyn – On the Patio



We’re thrilled to welcome Ian Tamblyn to the Old Church.  We’ll be on  the patio, practicing social distancing and serving wood fired pizza. Bring your mask and be sure book a seat and let us know how many will sit at your table. Space will be limited because we’re keeping you safe!

Gates open at 5pm for the bar and pizza orders.  Concert at 6pm.

At last count Ian has released 44 albums. His last two albums, Let It Go and Te Na Gadino were released in 2018. As well Ian has written several plays, the most recent production being Nun of It  which was presented September 15-17th, 2019 at the Black Sheep as part of the Ta! DA! Festival.

Ian has received several awards for his music, he has an honourary doctorate from Lakehead University and a Distinguished Alumni Award from Trent University. He is a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.  He is also a winner of the Estelle Klein and Jackie Washing ton Awards for his contributions to the Canadian Roots music world.

In the winter of 2020 Ian taught a songwriting course for Chelsea teenagers at the Mill Road Community Space in Chelsea through the auspices of City Folk and Bluesfest. He also has been teaching an advanced songwriting class in Wakefield at Earl’s Hall. In March, Ian will be touring on Vancouver Island.

April will mark the re-release of his album Magnetic North. The album has been remastered and will be released The Record Store. Precision Records is aiding with the manufacture and re-release of this Juno nominated album.

A full touring schedule continued in March on the west coast until the Covid -19 pandemic intervened.. See his website at www.iantamblyn.com

This summer Ian will be spending time on Lake Superior canoeing and writing. In the fall of 2019 Ian hopes to resume his regular touring schedule with performances in Ottawa, Kingston, Perth and Toronto. 

In recent months Ian has written several articles on music for the “Folk Roots Canada” website and he is currently researching and writing a new play set in the Gatineaus entitled Ice Storm  .


Pandemic? What Pandemic?

Join us for a dramatic reading of a new play by Ian C Feltham written specifically for “the times” and for the outdoor stage at the Old Church Theatre.  Mihal Zada and Matthew Sheahan play Denise and Larry in this socially distanced reading  in our socially distanced church yard.  Be sure to book your table  and bring your mask. 

Gates open at 5 for the bar and wood fired pizza orders.  Play readings starts at 6pm.

We also have a BONUS opening play written by Ian C. Feltham called Nelson and Barbara.

Pandemic? What Pandemic?

Larry is a self absorbed community theatre actor who auditioned for the local Panto production of Rapunzel and landed the lead role. At least he thinks he did and he has all his lines. However, when he shows up for the first rehearsal it turns out that he is late. Two months late! It is opening night and no one is here?!

Enter Denise, the Whazzup Player’s resident director and Panto playwright. She and Larry have some history together that she is trying to ignore. You would think that might be relatively easy during a Pandemic except this is Larry we are talking about.

Pandemic? What Pandemic? is a glimpse at theatre during COVID. Social distancing, hand sanitizer and masks meet the world of community theatre Pantos.


Nelson and Barbara

The genesis of this play came after listening to a radio program about Nelson Ball and Barbara Caruso. Nelson was one of Canada’s foremost minimalist poets and his wife Barbara was an author and a painter. Together they shared the bohemian artist life together in Paris …. Paris, Ontario. Who better to give a glimpse into the lives of these remarkable Canadian artists than our own Lisa Morris and Peter Paylor!


Stories and Pirates!


This special edition of Friday Night Tales on the patio will be a wee bit different format, this time in 3 Acts. Along with our usual Wood Fired Pizza at 5pm, Act 1 is story telling hosted by Steáfán Hannigan at 6pm.  For Act 2 we’ll be presenting a reading of a new play by Peter Paylor at 7pm. Act 3 we get back to story telling.

So come down to our new outdoor stage to share your favourite ripping yarn or to listen to others.    The bar will be open at 5 and be sure to make a reservation and follow social distancing protocols. 


What are the “Golden Rules” of story telling?  Here are Steáfán’s FAQs:

  • How long should my story be? 5/6 minutes is good.
  • What kind of a story? It would be really good if it was a true story that happened to you or a traditional tale.
  • Do I need to be an experienced storyteller? Absolutely not!
  • How do I sign up? Come and talk to the MC that night.

Special presentation: 

A reading of “The Limited Perils of the Blackish Pearl” –  a one act play by Peter Paylor.

There are traditions at the Yacht Club that can always be counted on, like drinks on the patio after the Friday night races, like Rodney finishing second…to George Brickman…again. Roxanne is understanding, as always, but she won in the Shark Class and she’d like to celebrate. But what’s that boat doing? Why…it’s coming straight at them. And who are those sailors? They’re certainly not members, not dressed like that. Rodney may be a banker, but still…there are limits to the kind of riff raff the Club lets in.

The Limited Perils of the Blackish Pearl is a swashbuckling tale of the high seas…well…if the high seas had drinks on the patio on a Friday night.


Tom Eastland and Susanne Kozo – On the Patio

Tom Eastland and Susanne Kozo have performed together throughout southern Ontario for over five years. One magic squeeze box, guitar, two vocals, and a deep body of family-friendly original, traditional, and popular favorite songs in the folk-roots styles. Tom Eastland has had three of his original songs featured on National CBC radio, and
each of his last three albums have charted on !earshot charts for Canadian community radio stations. Susanne studied accordion at Queen’s University and plays both accordion and clarinet in a variety of local bands.

Free to register, but please donate to the Tip Jar at the gates when you enter.  All proceeds in the Jar goes to our musicians.

 Music starts at 6pm. Gates open at 5pm. 

 We’re on the patio, practicing social distancing, serving wood fired pizza and staying outside in the fresh air. Bring your mask (or we can provide one) for indoor use and be sure to let us know how many will sit at your table.

We’d like to thank Spearhead Brewery for their sponsorship of this show. 


The Sun As the Spotlight – Monologue Nights on the Patio


Join us at the Old Church Theatre Saturday, August 8th and Sunday, August 9th, for some of the Quinte areas most talented actors as they take the stage performing monologues of their choosing, and some original works.  There will be comedy, tragedy, classics and contemporary – basically, something for everyone!!!

The event will be emceed by Matthew Sheahan of the Improvmonauts, and monologues will be performed by verterans of the Belleville, Old Church and Prince Edward County stage, Alexandra Bell, Kathryn Dalmer, Lynette Hurley-Thibeau,  Jennifer Lynn Litke, Judie Preece,  Fiona Dodsworth and Mihal Zada. 

Gates open at 5pm for the bar and pizza orders and the show starts each night at 6pm. 

You must register to book your table. 

Please donate in our “Tip Jar” at the gate on your way in.