When we’re Indoors

For many years, we’ve known how fortunate we are to have met so many great supporters of the arts and to own a beautiful, historical, rural church building. This year COVID-19 created a great hardship for everyone and notably for the arts community.  After being shut down in March 2020 then able to open outdoors in June we again experienced how fortunate we are to have our entire lot as a “patio” space for many great performances and safe gatherings in the fresh country air throughout the summer.

Moving indoors, we continue to see how fortunate we are to be able to open our “church” windows  for that fresh country air on a daily basis.  Along with our air filtration system we have been advised to add a large-room humidifier.  Dry air is an environment where viruses thrive and humidifiers could lower virus infection risks. We continue to  provide hand sanitizer and follow regulations regarding social distancing, masks and lexan dividers. Your safety, our safety and remaining vigilant is paramount to us.  Please review our COVID-19 Safety Policy before you attend.