The BIG F’n Quiz

February 10, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
Old Church Theatre
940 Bonisteel Rd
$5 in Advance - $10 at the Door

Who said: “Most pub quizzes are crap. Let’s not kid ourselves – no one ever learned anything useful from a pub quiz. If you want to learn something useful, ask Google or Alexa or that blowhard who sits at the bar and thinks he knows everything. And while most pub quizzes have almost no educational value whatsoever, they are, if anything, less entertaining than they are educational. They are sad and boring and dreary. They exist only so that one sad, boring, dreary person can call themselves the champion of the sad, the boring and the dreary.”

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  1. Albert Einstein, blowhard physicist
  2. Henry David Thoureau, blowhard writer
  3. William Shakespeare, blowhard Elizabethan writer
  4. Doug Ford, blowhard Ontario Premier
  5. Peter Paylor, host of the BIG F’n Quiz at the Old Church Theatre


The BIG F’n Quiz at the Old Church Theatre is not like most pub quizzes. It is neither sad nor boring nor dreary. It’s not your grandmother’s pub quiz either (unless your grandmother was a potty-mouthed sailor). Hosted by Peter Paylor and Lisa Morris, the BIG F’n Quiz lets you compete against two highly-skilled special guest teams of non-blowhards – Rob and Sarah Skinner from Marmora and Ed Hamstra and Brian Weston from Hornchurch via Chipstead and Caterham—for the title of “Big F’n Champion”. It’s also okay just to come and watch. You’ll have fun.

 The BIG F’n Quiz at the Old Church Theatre. It’s not crap.