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Tea With Roger

By Peter Paylor
Joan and Mavis are best friends. They can confide in each other about anything. And Joan has some scandalous news about Roger.

Featuring:  Kathryn Dalmer, Judie Preece and Shawn Dales

The Toilet Trilogy

By Ian C. Feltham

Notes from Director/Playwright Ian C. Feltham:

I wrote a play back in 2014 called The Throne. It was an attempt to look at a classic piece of theatre and make it accessible to a Community Theatre audience. By necessity, the play had a toilet as the central element on the stage.

Since then I had been working on a concept to try and turn that idea to an entire evening of theatre. The Toilet Trilogy from Ancient Greece to Absurdism, is the result of those efforts.
We had intended to bring these plays which are drawn from Antigone, King Lear and Waiting for Godot, to the Old Church Theatre stage for the first weekend in May. We cast the project with the idea of the same four actors taking roles in each play. The rehearsal process was just underway when a Pandemic came to town.
While Self isolating in our lonely silos it occurred to me that the show could still find a way to production.

Enter Gerry Fraiberg and his sound engineering wizardry.

Each actor recorded their lines from home and Gerry carefully parsed with his digital scalpel and stitched everything together again. Through a series of Zoom meetings and screen shares I was able to work with Gerry to layer in sound and direct the production.

This has been an interesting and challenging experience. I think of Community Theatre as an opportunity to experiment with creative expression. There have been a quite a few obstacles to overcome and we have learnt quite a bit about the process.

Ultimately, I am very proud of what the actors and the sound engineer have created.

It is an evening of storytelling.

I hope you all enjoy it … from at least 2 metres!

Act One

Featuring Margaret Ruttan, Dejaye Sproat, Natalija Nolan, Bill McMahon, Gerry Fraiberg

Act Two

Featuring Margaret Ruttan, Dejaye Sproat, Natalija Nolan, Bill McMahon, Hannah Feltham, Gerry Fraiberg