Roy Bonisteel’s Christmas Story

21 December 2022 @ 12:00 PM
At your Own Home!
Roy Bonisteel's Christmas Story @ At your Own Home!

Well it’s almost that time of year to gather the family around the old RCA and listen to a timeless Christmas classic. Maybe the ancient wireless is gone but you can still hear our favourite holiday tale composed and read by Roy Bonisteel.

It’s a story that harks back to a simpler time, when the delivery of firewood just before Christmas was all that stood between freezing or surviving.  Throw in a snowstorm, a dancing dog and two brothers who want to do the right thing and you have a recipe for everything you need to know about the Christmas spirit.  This story happened many years ago right here in the Quinte region but the theme and the lesson is as constant as the north star.

Please enjoy this Old Church classic with friends and loved ones as we wind up our Seasonal Storytelling Series. On December 21st you’ll find it here on our website, posted on Social Media, or you can sign up to have it delivered to you by email.

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