Christmas Story Telling

12 December 2021 @ 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Old Church Theatre
940 Bonisteel Rd Trenton ON
Donations at the Door
Christmas Story Telling @ Old Church Theatre

Got a Christmas or even a winter tale to tell?  Could be Christmas eve when Uncle Harry’s overloaded fuse box blew the power at the holiday dinner.  Could be the flat tire with a car load of presents on the way to Uncle Harry’s.  Any kind of shenanigans will do; point is, everyone’s got a story.  It doesn’t have to be long. Just an anecdote.  Under the skillful guidance of our host Steafan Hannigan, a master storyteller in his own right, you’ll be put at ease and ready to uncork your own ripping yarn. Come down to the Tipsy Vicar, your new friendly local at the Old Church Theatre and we’ll provide the wee nip ‘o courage.  See you there.

No reservations or tickets, but your donations at the door are greatly appreciated.