To our Old Church Friends:

Everyone is aware of the far reaching effects of the COVID -19 and concerned with keeping our communities and families safe. 

Our doors are closed to the public for now.

As owners of a small entertainment venue  we are aware of our responsibilities to you, our patrons, and to the artists who make their living entertaining us.  

The lives of traveling troubadours haven’t changed much over a number of years in many respects.  They make their living traveling from place to place singing their songs and telling their stories and as audiences, we are richer for it.  But the music business is precarious. Please consider donating the ticket proceeds to the musicians as a way to help them continue to provide live music into the future,  wherever they may roam. You can choose to support a musician’s concert on our website even when not attending.

Let’s help look after each other. Many thanks for your continued patronage,

Lesley and Brian

Old Church Theatre