Old Church Theatre

Story Telling

Stories on Sunday is the perfect activity  at The Old Church Theatre.

Your host Steafan Hannigan is an experienced storyteller and acts as our MC.  He will put you at ease as he guides us through the evening of telling and just listening. 

Anybody is welcome to tell a story. Put your name and the theme of the story on the sign up sheet and you will be given a time . Steafan likes to juggle the performances to give the audience a balanced presentation.


Come and  listen to stories while sipping on your favourite beverage.  You can have your turn on stage and tell your tale!

The guidelines are :

You are encouraged to tell your own account of something that happened to you, Or you could tell a traditional tale, or something from  a writers project

Please consider these points: 1. What is the content of the story? Is it appropriate for your audience. (Offensive stories are unacceptable. ie racist or ‘blue’ material . If you’re at all unsure, run it by Steafan ahead of your turn.)  2. Please keep your story under 5 minutes. You might get the signal to wrap up if you lose track of time.

Last year’s event was a great success with new tellers emerging and gaining in confidence. We really want to hear your tale. No experience is necessary . We even run workshops to help you with your story telling. Remember everybody has a story.  Think about yours!


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Nov 07 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


940 Bonisteel
at the Old Church Theatre