Three Plays & a Pinot, a Pint or a Pitcher

October 27, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
Old Church Theatre
940 Bonisteel Rd
$20 in Advance $25 At the Door
Three Plays & a Pinot, a Pint or a Pitcher @ Old Church Theatre

Please join us for a glass or two of local wine (or a pint or two of local beer) and a one-act play or two by local playwright Peter Paylor. Make that three plays – and every one of them a world premiere.

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A Wedding in (Mostly) White

What do you get when you have four random elements and 24 hours to put them into a play? If the elements are domestic pigeons, an ultimatum, a pay phone, and a recurring slogan, you might get A Wedding in (Mostly) White. Directed by Lesley Bonisteel from the original script, it’s the age-old story of a bride, a groom, a bird guy, and the kind of wedding day dilemma that only a used car salesman can solve.

The Black Chair

Paul is taking pictures of ordinary people in an empty room, interacting with an old chair. Mary is there to let him in. That’s about all there is to The Black Chair, a bittersweet, moving, funny, and poignant collection of tour de force performances by members of the Old Church Theatre Workshop.

The Consultants

Timothy wants nothing more than to get to work – he’s got a shift at his part-time job – but unfortunately he’s inherited a fortune and now he has to visit Liz and Pat, the consultants, before he can do anything else. Directed by the playwright, The Consultants is a comic romp through days gone by when shop girls were shop girls and a house was more than a home.