“The Friends of Freddie Sullivan”

May 26, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
Old Church Theatre
940 Bonisteel Rd
By Donation

Please join us for a staged reading of “The Friends of Freddie Sullivan”, a hilarious new two-act comedy by Peter Paylor, read by many of the region’s finest actors. Come and meet Alan. Like many of us, he grew up with imaginary friends. There was Katie and Suzie and Austin and Gordon; they had tea parties in his room. But they weren’t real. Right? So why are they suddenly showing up at Alan’s door, adults now, with adult problems? Katie and Austin got married and it’s not going well. Suzie’s in rehab and it’s not going well either. Gordon’s in prison, again. And Nicky? She’s Katie’s imaginary friend, but Katie’s imaginary too. Nicky’s an actress. She just married Brian. Brian is an actor. They met doing “Anne of Green Gables” in Charlottetown. It’s a real play even though Anne Shirley is imaginary. Brian is real too. So is Liz. She’s Alan’s wife. She’s going on a cruise to the fjords. The fjords are real. They’re in Norway. Freddie Sullivan isn’t real; he’s really Alan. He once got his head stuck in the mouth of a cannon. Confused? You won’t be. “The Friends of Freddie Sullivan” will be read by Lise Lindenberg, Christine Leggat, Wendy Roy, Alex Bell, Chris Bauer, Darren Moore and Rick Zimmerman.

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