“Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One”

May 25, 2019 @ 7:30 pm
Old Church Theatre
940 Bonisteel Rd

It’s Comedy Night at the Old Church Theatre!  Improv , jokes, friends, and laughs!

The true story of human civilization doesn’t begin with the discovery of fire and it doesn’t end with a rhyming couplet in iambic pentameter …it begins with “a guy walks into a bar” and ends with a punch line. Now, the naysayers among us may disagree. I can hear them now. “That’s a joke,” they will say. But enough about that.
The Old Church Theatre is looking for a few folks who can tell a good joke and we’re willing to offer an embarrassingly inexpensive prize of enormously exaggerated importance to whoever tells the best. It’s the First Annual Old Church Theatre “Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One” Contest where contestants will compete for the honour of calling themselves the Old Church Theatre’s Biggest Joker and the privilege of taking home the highly sought after but slightly tarnished Guffaw. It’s just like an Oscar or an Emmy or a Genie but without any shred of dignity. Come out to compete or come out just to laugh. It’s an event so cheap it’s free. Register in advance or just come out prepared to tell your best joke or four.