Pandemic? What Pandemic?

August 28, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
Old Church Theatre
940 Bonisteel Rd
By Donation!
Pandemic? What Pandemic? @ Old Church Theatre

Join us for a dramatic reading of a new play by Ian C Feltham written specifically for “the times” and for the outdoor stage at the Old Church Theatre.  Mihal Zada and Matthew Sheahan play Denise and Larry in this socially distanced reading  in our socially distanced church yard.  Be sure to book your table  and bring your mask. 

Gates open at 5 for the bar and wood fired pizza orders.  Play readings starts at 6pm.

We also have a BONUS opening play written by Ian C. Feltham called Nelson and Barbara.

Pandemic? What Pandemic?

Larry is a self absorbed community theatre actor who auditioned for the local Panto production of Rapunzel and landed the lead role. At least he thinks he did and he has all his lines. However, when he shows up for the first rehearsal it turns out that he is late. Two months late! It is opening night and no one is here?!

Enter Denise, the Whazzup Player’s resident director and Panto playwright. She and Larry have some history together that she is trying to ignore. You would think that might be relatively easy during a Pandemic except this is Larry we are talking about.

Pandemic? What Pandemic? is a glimpse at theatre during COVID. Social distancing, hand sanitizer and masks meet the world of community theatre Pantos.


Nelson and Barbara

The genesis of this play came after listening to a radio program about Nelson Ball and Barbara Caruso. Nelson was one of Canada’s foremost minimalist poets and his wife Barbara was an author and a painter. Together they shared the bohemian artist life together in Paris …. Paris, Ontario. Who better to give a glimpse into the lives of these remarkable Canadian artists than our own Lisa Morris and Peter Paylor!