Michael C. Duguay

23 July 2022 @ 6:00 PM
Old Church Theatre
940 Bonisteel Rd Trenton ON
Michael C. Duguay @ Old Church Theatre

Michael will be joined at the Old Church Theatre by Teilhard Frost (Sheesham & Lotus, Jenny Whiteley), Jason Mercer (Ani Difranco, Ron Sexsmith, Bourbon Tabernacle Choir), and Liam Cole (Little Kid, Highs, Dorothea Paas).

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  “Every song tells a story, but not every songwriter can tell a story the way Duguay can.” -Dominionated

Michael C. Duguay is a writer, musician, and performer based out of Kingston, Ontario. First gaining recognition as a versatile and uniquely charismatic supporting player in the early 2000’s, Michael performed as a teenager with Washboard Hank and The Silverhearts, later contributing to critically acclaimed breakthrough albums by The Burning Hell and Evening Hymns. After surviving nearly  a decade of homelessness and drug addiction, Michael resurfaced in 2018, self-producing and releasing his widely praised sophomore album, The Winter of our Discotheque, which chronicled his years of tumult and established him as one of Canadian music’s most distinct, enigmatic, and honest emerging voices. A fervent collaborator and community builder, Michael’s genre-fluid and multidisciplinary projects feature a diverse and revolving cast of contributing members from across North America. 

Michael C. Duguay’s forthcoming album, Saint Maybe, is slated for release in 2022. Initially conceived as a series of agnostic hymns and prayers, Saint Maybe’s lyrical themes explore survival, surrender, spirituality, and the limitations of human language in expressing mystical concepts. Musically, Saint Maybe seamlessly incorporates folk, punk, electronic, jazz, and experimental music traditions while remaining squarely rooted in skillful pop craftsmanship.