DOUBLE BILL: Geneviève Racette – Cinzia & the Eclipse

28 October 2023 @ 7:30 PM
Old Church Theatre
940 Bonisteel Rd. Trenton

Nationally renowned, Québécois folk-pop musician, Geneviève Racette, has captivated listeners with her gentle, yet compelling, emotional resonance, and garnered impressive industry support for her folk-pop tracks ever since her first EP in 2014. Through her vulnerable lyricism and ethereal vocals, Geneviève has emerged as a rising star in both French and English-speaking Canadian music scenes.

Satellite, Geneviève’s third full-length record (March 2022), is a 9-song collection delivering honest stories of self-discovery and reflection through the cycle of love. The album filled with intimate vocals, lush instruments and expressive harmonies, evokes moments of love, heartbreak, healing, forgiveness and ultimately falling in love again. Like a body orbiting a star in the silence and emptiness of the universe, a satellite depends on the other to maintain its orbit, a fragile, solitary and uncertain love. Each of us will find ourselves in this cycle of love, in this eternal period of beginnings and endings.

The recognition Satellite received upon its release has been even greater than Geneviève has experienced in the past. With glowing critique from major outlets, including Rolling Stone, Exclaim!, CBC, Women of Americana, Americana Music Association, Sirius XM and countless other publications and radio stations, this has undoubtedly been her most successful release to date.

The trajectory for Racette’s career has been on a tremendous incline since her previous album, No Water, No Flowers, which catapulted Geneviève from Quebec recognition to national praise, including a Canadian Folk Music Award, performing on stage with City and Colour at Osheaga, rave reviews from media, music publications and blogs, and tracking on multiple radio stations right across Canada.

As a woman in music, it is essential to Geneviève that she surrounds herself with like-minded females in the industry. She is proud that over half her team involved in the creation of Satellite are female musicians and members of the industry. Through fine-tuning her artistic vision and developing a profound network of professionals, Geneviève approached the release of this latest record with a newfound creative state of mind and a vision to export her music across North America and beyond. A feat she unwaveringly conquered.


Much like influences Janis Joplin and Florence + the Machine, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Cinzia & the Eclipse creates an impact through diary-like lyricism and her raw, unforgettable vocal style. After picking up a guitar at the age of 12 and spending most of her youth penning song lyrics and poetry, Ciniza knew deep down she was meant to share her emotions and experiences with others in the spotlight.

Mirroring the cathartic reassurance of a close friend during tough times or the celebratory energy of a meaningful connection, Cinzia & the Eclipse strips away the ostentatious flare of modern songwriting to reveal the relatable side of relationships, self-discovery, and growth with her music.

Despite having been bullied through her youth and school years for having a “different” sounding voice with her raspy tone, Cinzia eventually found the strength to realize its strength and beauty, and turned to songwriting.

She released her debut single in 2018 with the help of long-time friend/collaborator Luca Liberatore, and Cinzia quickly found her audience with the single “No Matter”, reaching over 6 million streams through editorial placements, before unveiling her debut EP Little Italy in 2020.

The last few years have been dedicated to honing her craft, loaning her skills as a songwriter and having her discography highlighted on editorial playlists and sync placements, including the Disney+ series Growing Up (2022). Starting the year off strong, Ciniza & The Eclipse performed at The Andy Kim Christmas Concert and opened for Jonathon Roy for a string of Quebec dates.

With more music on the way, the Montreal-born, Toronto-based musician is set to shine with the coming months as her momentous journey continues.

And who is the “Eclipse”? For Cinzia, it’s more than just the band and team behind her music: it’s the community supporting her and “everyone involved in making the music”.

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