Filming Live with DOSES and featured guest RONI

20 October 2023 @ 7:30 PM
Old Church Theatre
940 Bonisteel Rd. Trenton
Filming Live with DOSES and featured guest RONI @ Old Church Theatre

Can you have a long distance dream ? Can you form connection through the spaces in between ? DOSES thinks so.
The band was formed mid pandemic, so long distance was the only option. While the world was separated they found reasons to connect. They started out sending dream-like sonic ideas back and forth through the void. Those ideas quickly grew into the basis of what the band would become – a dreamlike world where the nostalgia meets the future of now.
Familiar and foreign at once.
When the world took a turn back to normality, lead singer Dylan Ireland and producer Colin Kennedy holed up in their studio crafting the songs that would mark their introduction to the world. Pulling from influences like M83, The Killers and Post Malone they wrote a batch of songs that spoke to where they were at the moment and where they wanted to go.
That these songs ran parallel with a newfound sobriety after years of addiction only served to bring a level of honesty that is sometimes missing from pop.
They craft the kind of well written, hook laden pop gems that used to be the standard before disposable hits became the fashion of the day. Nostalgia is based on romance and DOSES writes love letters to the 80’s drenched in synths, vintage drum machines, and guitars soaked in enough reverb to make the Jesus And Mary Chain weep.


R O N I is a Brooklyn based guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, and has been gracing NYC stages since 2010. She leads a trio consisting of Pat DiPaola (@pdpbeats) on drums and Tom Shani (@pinkstrings) on bass. RONI’s music has been described as a magnetic combination of art-pop and alt-rock. The band’s fierce guitar-forward, live looping and energetic performances, as well as the rich productions behind them, create a uniquely powerful live experience that has been praised by critics and audiences alike. In September 2020, RONI released her debut EP ˜Crown” and in 2021, released her 2nd EP ˜Afterglow”. Their latest single ˜Don’t Look At Me Like That” was released in April of 2023. Also in that same month, the band embarked on a US and Canada tour, which was followed by an additional Canadian tour a month later.
RONI is currently in the process of recording two new albums set to release in 2024, and planning a fall 2023 Canada tour starting in October


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